After coming back home crying, once again, because going to shop for clothes is an absurd nightmare, I wanted to share some ideas on how I think clothing stores should change.

I want to stop walking around in your store feeling like I’m not supposed to be there.

I want clothing sizes for women to make sense across brands. If I fit into an XL at one store and not in a XXL at another, something is off.

I want shirts that don’t end near my bellybutton. My basic shirts should fall at the hip, not at the waist.

I want shirts that have been made specifically for women with large chests – not regular shirts that have just been made a size larger.

Closeup of a curvy woman's tshirt, including a crease that allows for a large(r) chest
Look closely; you’ll see a crease. It’s put there so the shirt fits a larger chest and makes all the difference in the world.

I want jeans that 1) fit both my leg length AND hip-width, 2) do not get damaged beyond repair due to inner-thigh chafing in less than 3 months and 3) are the norm, rather than the exception

I want shoes that look frickin’ amazing, sizes 40 and up. I am so tired feeling like Cinderella’s ugly sister, trying to fit into decent shoes. Right now it’s either shapeless clogs or feeling like my toes will fall off because there’s nothing available in my size.

I want to be assisted by employees who have been trained to help me figure out how to dress for my body type, instead of handing me an item at random.

I want mirrors in the dressing room, so that I can check myself out before having to step into the outside world.

When I’m shopping online, I want to select a model who has my body type, and have them show off the store’s clothing.

And speaking of online shopping: I want plus-size models to look happy and comfortable, instead of looking downcast and miserable. Do me a favor and go to this page on Zalando: Look at the women’s faces. How many look like the clothes they wear make them feel unhappy?

I want the term ‘plus-size’ to die in a fire. It indicates that women with these bodies are outside the norm, while all I see are regular bodies being dubbed ‘(too) large’.

In the end, I just want to leave your store feeling good about myself – not crying because you made my body feel inadequate and abnormal.

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