Postpartum depression

If you have had trouble reaching me in the last few months, or wondered where I went off to, this post is for you.

About 7 months ago, our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl called Elin. The pregnancy had been very rough on my body – I had pelvic girdle pain that made it impossible for me to walk. I was in a wheelchair for most of the 9 months I carried her. In the end, I could barely sleep or even get myself to the toilet. As a result, I had prepartum depression (yep, that’s a thing), which made the risk of getting postpartum depression a lot higher.

What I first thought was just having difficulties adjusting to life with 3 kids, quickly turned into a depression that I could not shake. It took a while for it to get bad enough that I broke down and told my husband I needed help. That may have been one of the hardest things I have ever done. The day after, I saw my doctor who promptly put me on medication. Only after taking those first few pills did I recognise just how bad the depression had actually gotten.

Long story short: I’m only just emerging from the deepest depression I’ve ever had. Pretty much everything was overwhelming – from getting out of bed to making sure I ate.

I know some people have tried contacting me, and I am also aware that I have been a dutz at getting back at you. I’m so sorry that this happened, and I promise that I am working on getting back on track. Your patience and understanding are very much appreciated.

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